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She isn't really all that attractive outside of the heavy filters and shopped images either. I feel bad for the daughter. I was like, wait, those tattoos!? I don't get what she's supposed to be doing by posting it. I've seen multiple tumblrinas with "sex shops" under their own names and was wondering what was up. ryden armani

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If my bf killed himself three days ago and I had to see it I wouldn't be on social media let alone taking pictures of myself… Jesus Christ wtf. On calling after she found Young dead, and her interaction with his family: I love broke, crazy cam girls. I followed her on Dumblr for quite a while because I thought she was helpful, but a couple months back there was some drama about a blog run by a pedophile who was very clearly trying to spread awareness for his mental illness to educate people and influence other pedophiles to get help, his intention was clearly NOT to prey on children and he openly stated multiple times that he finds it incredibly wrong. They're not going to if they think a crime has been committed. She looks like she lives in poverty with all the wires hanging everywhere, shitty wood bed, and water heater in her room. Hanging is hard to come back from, you can tell if someone changed their mind while examining the scene, it's almost always fatal.